Elimination of hernia

I came to Life Center because of strong back pain and hernia. Already after first therapy I felt strong relief and that gave me the courage to continue with treatments and permanently eliminate the cause of my pain.



• Elimination of hernia and lower back pain
• More energy and inner peace
• Knowledge how to manage with vital energy through the day


• Increasing resistance to stress


• Easier maintenance of a positive atmosphere in relationships


The number of treatments performed: 46 treatments (4x per week E.Vitalization, 3x per week E.Spine, together 7 therapies per week)

Time frame: 16.5.2022 – 11.7.2022


I have both treatments 4 times per week and honestly I was surprised that the pain almost completely disappeared after one week (on a scale from 5 to only 0.5). What means the most to me is that with physical pain also disappeared my fear ‘’what if it hurts again’’. I was again relaxed and able to do things that I love.

My first result was that I slept all night, without pain and constant waking up. On holiday I finally surfed again after 2 years, which I was unable to do because of the fear from pain and pain itself. I play also ping pong frequently and I noticed that the next day I don’t feel any muscle cramps. In general sport means a lot to me, so I am extremely grateful that I don’t have to give up activities because of pain.

On other life areas I mostly see that I am much more peaceful. When situation comes, that in the past has pissed me of, I stay calm and react in a different way. That way I save energy and keep better relationships. I especially noticed that with my son who really knew how to get to me. Now I remain calm much easier and give a better example to him. In business I noticed that I am less sensitive to stress and don’t involve in negative situations where I would normally feel stressed. I learned to keep my energy and enjoy work even more.

Although the reason that brought me to Life Center has almost completely disappeared I still happily use the treatments, because I see the potential how I can be even more creative, youthful and enjoy more in every moment. The knowledge for life that I get in every treatment is priceless and is welcome in every life area.

Blaž Topolinjak, 57 years Graphic designer

Eliminating Migraines

I came to Life Center "as dry as a prune" – at least thatʹs how my therapists described me. Exhaustion, due to a lack of energy and a 13-year long migraine in the key reason that brought me here.

I began experiencing migraines after my third birth, at first occasionally along menstrual cycles, and later more frequently. Every severe stress triggered an echo in my head. The headaches were so intense that I couldnʹt think, let alone concentrate, which as a teacher, is the essence of what I do. Occasionally It would even go as far, as triggering severe stomach sickness.

I temporarily soothed the problem by taking migraine pills. They were strong and intoxicating. I felt like I was hovering. But at least the pain was gone. At that moment I felt saved, despite knowing that I was with filling my body full of poisons. The situation left me in a state of despair, as migraines were occurring even at severely inappropriate times when a I had to be 100%, so the drugs were simply not the solution.
So "the dry prune" decided to bid her migraines a farewell. I started Life Center therapy three times a week. Initially, I had a strong reaction to the treatment - a very severe migraine triggered. I was both surprised and disappointed. I came to Life Center and shouted, "Now that you have made me worse, you better fix me well, and fast!"
And I persisted. The situation calmed down. Migraines were still occurring, but in a milder form, the incidence also decreased.

At the beginning of therapy, I decided not to take ANY pill anymore. Although it was still painful and tempting to break the pain with a pill, I persisted in my decision. For two years now I have not taken any pills, not even an aspirin, or anything of the sort,... Nothing.
Even the occasional cold in the winter, sore throat, voice loss, angina, the odd cough rang out.

I started working on myself. Examined for causes of my internal blockages. I started working on relationships, forgiveness, embracing everyday life from a different side - with gratitude and anticipation of a new day. Iʹm calmed down significantly. No longer, do I see myself needing to partake in every battle I come across! Quite a few people have told me, how rejuvenated I looked, probably to my new, more calm, relaxed and happy nature.
My situation was greatly improved and nearly perfect, but I still got a visit from the old lady migraine here and there. So, I decided to come to the Center for energy every day of the week. Now the migraine is nearly non-existent. It only rarely appears as slight pressure in my head. I got this!

Looking back from the beginning, I realize that during the time of my visits to the Life Center, new dimensions have opened up to me in relation to the world, to the environment, to coexistence and to what I as an individual can do for myself and for others…

Ines Š.

Conception and Hernia Treatment

My story is a long one, but Iʹll try to sum up the essence of it. My first energy experience goes back to 1996. My husband and I decided to have a child, but simply couldnʹt conceive. We resorted to contemporary medicine for help, and despite two years of trying, there was no success. On the recommendation of a friend, we sought help at the Life Center. There they promised us that I would unquestionably get pregnant with a regular one-year visit to energy treatments. We were both a little doubtful, but we saw this as the only other option, so we agreed.

Attending treatments was interesting and enjoyable for me, at least. I am used to order and discipline, so I believe that I adhered to their instructions strictly. I got pregnant after a good two months. I continued attending the treatments until birth, because I felt that the knowledge that I had received was essential for a successful life. I gave birth to a healthy daughter. After giving birth, I did not continue with the treatments, but at least initially I made extensive use of the acquired knowledge. Life went on. I successfully completed my PhD at the Faculty of Sport, and in 2009 I was facing another hurdle. Because of the severe pain in my back that was radiating in my leg, I visited an orthopaedist. According to the X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging, the diagnosis was clear - “discus hernia.” According to the orthopaedist, there was a slippage of the intervertebral disc that pressed on the ischiatic nerve. He suggested emergency surgery. According to him, with a sudden load on the spine, there was a risk of a complete nerve rupture and, consequently, leg paralysis. I was in a big dilemma. I already had a good experience with energy, but I still doubted that in this case I could solve the problem using the natural technique alone. Anyway, I consulted the same therapists, who helped me years ago. They have assured me that the problem is solvable with energy, but of course I had to decide. Somehow, it was easier for me to understand that energy could help you get pregnant, but a little harder for me to imagine, how energy would bring the spinal disc back into place. However, the words of the therapist echoed in my head: I also do not know how energy does it, but I believe it will happen. At the end, I just decided on energy. Day by day the pain subsided. Two months later, I went to the orthopaedist for a check-up, and even he could hardly believe it, but the disc had returned to its original place.

Dr. Dorica Šajber

Back Pain, Poor Sleep

My name is Matija Centrih, a pharmacist running my own pharmacy. I came to Life Center mainly due to exhaustion and occasional back pain, which was typically only periodical, but it was very severe at the time. I used to deal with the pain with the pills so I could calm down. Of course, I wanted I wanted to get rid of the pain for good. The cause of this pain was not found by doctors because there were no tangible causes, but I am a man who likes to solve problems. I was also very exhausted, I felt like I had very little energy and slept poorly. Initially, when I came to therapy, I found it hard to persist, because I had expected unpleasant reactions, but after a while, I started to notice changes; I slept better, so I had more energy. My back also stopped hurting after that severe reaction and I have not had any problems since then. I have been participating in the treatments since July 2015 and I see, that if I do not invest the time to attend the treatments, then there is no result and I start to go back to the old way of perpetual exhaustion. So, I try to get organized, to spend as much time as possible at the Life Center to recharge.

Itʹs easier to carry the load of leading a business now. As for business, I canʹt say that Iʹve felt an upturn, but I do notice, that I run it with greater ease than before. Even though I now face greater business challenges than ever, I donʹt suffer as I used to 2 or 3 years ago.

I recommend this to anyone who has a health problem and would like to see it remedied for the long run. To all who are exhausted who do not find time for themselves and who are occupied with other things. Anyone who wants a long-term improvement for the better.

Matija Centrih, M.Sc. farm., 38

Lessening scoliosis, Improving Success

My mom brought me to Life Center due to my crooked spine. I had such severe scoliosis, that doctors told me, that they could only hope to help my condition, by implanting a metal rod into my back, and that surgery was urgent. The very thought of this scared me, so my mom desperately sought help elsewhere. I knew that fixing scoliosis was a long process and would take a lot of work, especially on my part, but I still decided to try this route. I started coming to the therapies daily and soon noticed that I had more energy and that it was easier for me to get up in the morning. After a month, I found that therapies were also affecting my concentration, as my school situation had improved dramatically. My mother was also surprised by the excellent grades I received, and she was even more impressed by my new attitude. Like most teens, I had a bad relationship with my parents for a long time, and I practically didnʹt have one with my father.

With each therapy I became more calm, patient and friendly. The picture of what I want in life is also slowly becoming clearer. I had been lost since I was little, as I wanted everything, but I felt no real passion for anything. Above all, I did not have the will to fulfil my wishes. Through therapies, I was discovering new potentials within myself every day and becoming more and more excited about the future and what else I could create in it. I all but forgot about the spine matter that led to my arrival at the Life Center, but the result I received regarding it was quite stunning. My scoliosis was visibly reduced, and after a few months, I found out where the root of my issues was. I started to watch my behaviour, as I see a lot of progress and I want to completely heal my spine.

Eva Jakopec, 18

Depression, Thyroids, Blood Pressure

For as long as Iʹve known myself, especially from puberty onwards, I have always been depressed. I havenʹt experienced real satisfaction in my life, let alone the point of it all...

I had no problems with health in my younger years, at least in terms of physical health, but I had problems in partnership, in relationships with people at work, and above all in relation to myself. I felt that I was not worthy of my own love for myself, happiness, well-being, etc. I was overwhelmed by feelings of guilt, helplessness and despair...

When I was able to form a satisfactory partnership in my 40s, I also gave birth to a son. Instead of happiness and maternal bliss, as usually expected, I was struck by severe postpartum depression, from which I would not have recovered without energy treatment, as I also tried classical psychiatry. Energy healing has opened new horizons for me. Suddenly I realized that there was not only darkness and hopelessness and that life was worth living. It was as if the dark curtain had opened, and I felt hope and a firm certainty that the meaning of life existed, even for me, and that the way forward into a bright future existed, for me and for all the people who want it and decide to do something about it.

Later, I took a break from energy therapy for 20 years, as I felt I no longer needed it. However, over the years of my unhealthy life, I have had thyroid disease; hypothyroidism, an autoimmune disease (low thyroid function), high blood pressure, obesity, as well as depression, all resuming and recurring. I have been taking thyroid and pressure pills for 15 years. Three and a half years ago, I returned to energy therapy because I believe that chemistry does not cure the cause of the disease, it only suffocates it temporarily and relieves symptoms. Over the years, however, I began taking more and more medicines for ever more diseases, and many bad and unknown side effects that only weaken and poison the body took place.

I have decided to find a sound and lasting solution to my health and to eradicate the cause of the disease. This is a challenge for me, worth every cost and effort. This is exactly what I got and realised at t Life Center. For a year now I have not taken any medications, I feel well, I know that I am on the right path to solid health and happiness, without which there isnʹt health anyway. And I know that, just like anyone else, I deserve it.

Mojca Rainer, 67

The Energy to Succeed in Sport

I attended energy treatments at Life Center, and after five therapies, I had already noticed an improvement in my well-being. I became more satisfied and began to believe in myself even more. I got better at training and felt better afterwards. After every effort, I recovered faster and felt less tired than I used to. Overall, however, I can say that I find myself happier, which in turn means that I can achieve even better results.

Jan Polanc, Slovenian professional cyclist

Success in Sport

After five rejuvenation therapies and anti-stress treatments, I felt calmer in life in general, had less digestive problems, and slowly found that I had more energy, felt cold more rarely and overall had more internal heat in me. Otherwise, physical condition changes are slowly happening too. As for the changes in my mind, I have noticed, the calmer I am, the more I try to understand why I do certain things and whether I do them happily, or just because I simply have to. In all things, I try to find more meaning in the things I do and, above all, more joy.

Jaka Bostner, 20, Slovenian professional cyclist

Success in Sport

After five rejuvenation therapies and the same number of anti-stress treatments, I noticed that my previously sore knee was improving. I forgot all the grudges I had had, and I am more relaxed. I am no longer angered easily and am found to be smiling all the time.

Jure Rupnik, 19, Slovenian professional cyclist

Success in Sport

I started visiting the Life Center and after five visits to spinal rejuvenation therapy and anti-stress treatment, I noticed that I was happier, found it easier to relax and concentrate on a particular subject. After training, I rest better, believe in myself more, and above all I noticed that I generally have more energy, which greatly contributes to better sports results.

Luka Pibernik, 19, Slovenian professional cyclist

Elimination of lower back problems, indigestion, obstruction of the lungs and headaches

I came to Life Center initially because I was curious about the (yet another) potential attempt to solve my health problems. Among other things, I had fairly serious problems with the lower back, indigestion, obstructive lung disease and occasional headaches.

After my initial restraint, it seemed to me that the treatments were effective and that the results were slowly showing. Health problems were significantly reduced, and I found additional motivation in daily situations where the treatment regimen proved to be effective (e.g., eliminating headaches by relaxation instead of pills). I have now been attending the treatments for over a year. The health problems have completely resolved. I am aware that continuation is necessary to keep up the achieved condition, and at the same time I want to prevent future problems. At the treatments, I get new “reminders” and impulses each time to increase the awareness of the importance of the attitude towards my own health. All of this also helps me in different life situations and relationships, where through the treatments my way of perception and attitude towards different stress situations and problems has changed for the better.


Energy break during work

One day, an “Energy Break” leaflet appeared on my desk, which was valid only until the end of that month. Not many days left, I thought to myself, so I went ahead and just booked the mystery treatment at the hour of my usual half-hour lunch break. A kind lady awaited at the entrance, welcomed me in and explained to me the whole thing.

Since this is a short treatment, undressing and dressing is out of the question. Shoes off, settle into a comfortable reclining armchair and feet up. Donʹt worry, you wonʹt roll over. The treatments are at set times and are intended for a randomly booked group. So, there may be about 5 more acquaintances there from the vicinity. However, this is not unsettling. You get comfy, they cover you with a towel and the thing starts with the “namaste” music. The therapist explains to you what they are about and tries to calm you down with gentle silent words. The masseuse tends to your back, which is a feat for the sitting position that youʹre in. But they know what theyʹre doing. Shoulders, neck and the back of your head come in turn. Finally, the chest and arms. I have to admit that I relaxed deeply and even clocked out. Not so much to fall asleep, but I recharged the batteries regardless. I was immediately ready for the challenges of the afternoon work. In the meantime, the tea cools down for you to refresh with it and then I got a green smoothie with two almonds. Both were delicious and all in all a good substitute for lunch if you have some snacks later. I liked it and will be back.