The program is intended to enrich oneʹs consciousness, deepen the knowledge of life, broadening the horizon. It is aimed at everyone, young and old, who want to learn how to implement energy knowledge into their daily lives.



A narrow mindset is the biggest obstacle to success in life. A person who looks narrowly at the world sees only obstacles in the face of reality, as they do not have the right knowledge to reach their goal. Lack of ability in an individual is caused by jealousy, disappointment, depression, lack of clear vision and vigour to achieve the desired goals. The person doesnʹt want to think about their potential and dreams, since survival in todayʹs conditions is already a difficult task. As soon as the human mind begins to expand, the individual views their lives from a completely different perspective. Day by day, energy capacity is increasing, which is the key to turning their problems into solvable challenges and, with new knowledge and will, already creating new goals and a vision that they never thought possible.



With emphasis on learning and training change, habits, manners, understanding, motivation and a broad perspective, you will acquire new knowledge for the quality of life, spreading awareness through understanding the principles of right behaviour that an individual pursues through everyday events. In the long run, you acquire a vision for your successful future, as well as guidance and the power to realize the vision.



The program is a combination of E.Well and E.Spine services.



Fear and deep depression

The problem

A 32-year-old girl came to us for fear of life. Her fear was so intense that she dared not do anything, talk to people, think about the future.
She did not know that she was living in the illusion of fear and deep depression. She didnʹt feel the sense of why she was living and what her mission was. She felt a great lack of energy, preferably spending all day sleeping. All she knew was that she could no longer move on and needed a radical change.

The programme

She has been visiting the programme regularly for two years, every day. Initially, she had some s E.Spine and E.Vitalization treatments. However, when she regularly went to E.Well, her results came much faster. The concentrated acquisition of new knowledge for a quality life has also raised her awareness - accelerating her personal development



Initially, she had a lot of side effects and disappointments - as she began to realize her true self, which was the opposite of the appearance she was giving outward. For a seemingly awesome person, she was hiding in grief, disappointment, worry, insecurity ... and she wasnʹt even aware of it. Over time, she began to free herself from unconscious behavioural patterns that would lead to problems, illnesses and faster aging in the future. The first year of treatments, she began to free herself from the heavy burdens, blockages of her ancestors and very strong negative social beliefs. The following year, however, she already had a strong will to live, inner peace and a sense that her soul had come to life for the first time. The inner intuition she began to feel motivated her to continue a carefree life. She started feeling a lot more freedom, independence from people and more determination. She also realized that fear is just the expectation of negative results in life. She began to believe that the future can be beautiful, that it can be successful, that she could contribute to the world, and that she could acquire new abilities and life skills that are constantly coming and changing. Her vision is slowly opening up and she is looking forward to her next life adventure. She learned to accept difficult situations and got the courage to take her life in her own hands.


Finding oneʹs potential

The problem

A 29-year-old mother made her way to us at first because she was looking for more meaning in life than just having a family and a full-time job. She was desperate to find her right path. There was no way thet her job and family could keep her happy, she just couldnʹt see a way out of it. She was very confused and could not clearly gather her thoughts. Her head was full of thought, fear of failure and disappointment with her past life results. She did not dare to set goals because she did not have the energy to achieve them.

The programme

She has been attending the program daily regularly for over two years. For the first two months, she had a combination of E.Vitalization and E.Spine treatments, and then began intensively attending the E.Well sessions, which accelerated her understanding, awareness and, consequently, results.



At the beginning of the programme, she was very pleased to recharge her spent batteries. Then there was the confrontation with oneself. She first saw that she could not succeed in her job, as she could not accept her superiors. She always had judgments about them, so she could not make any progress either. When she realized this, the results of her work had already begun to show. The superiors began to respect her more, she did the job in a very short time, and she got new projects which she enjoyed. After a year, she grasped her potential, got a clear vision, courage and additional will to start a new career path. By regularly using the treatments, she successfully overcome all the challenges. She also recognized her habit, and for many years replaced the notion of love with her dependency to her husband. When she started working on her own, she automatically began to respect her husband more. At the end of the second year, however, she realized that their life visions were so different that it was better for them to go their separate ways. It was not an easy decision to make, as it was a huge change in life. Divorce was quick and peaceful, and her relationship with her children improved. Before she started our programmes, she, of course, spent a lot of time with her children, but now she actually enjoys the time with them and is very clear and consistent in her new education. Her knowledge is that her lifeʹs results have been pre-set in the past. Sheʹs been spoiled her whole life, everyone has made up her mind for her, solving her problems instead of letting her face them, and sheʹs always just been critical of others and ungrateful. Being spoiled, especially in her childhood, led to great confusion later in life, since she no longer knew what was right and what was wrong, what to decide, how to stand up for herself, how to deal with great challenges, and how to use her potential. The new knowledge she has acquired helps her to accomplish new goals and create a bright future.