About Us



The goal of the company is to empower everyone:

  • with a sustainable path to natural health,
  • to achieve emotional stability,
  • building lasting and harmonious relationships,
  • uncovering their individual potential and maximizing goal realisation.


Our Vision

The vision of the company is for all people to be healthy, youthful, happy and creative.


Life Centerʹs core team is made up of a family who has been wholeheartedly committed to their mission for over 25 years. Over 25 years ago, spouses Jože and Brigita Krznar battled serious health problems. They went from doctor to doctor and were promised short-term solutions with ointments, pills, shots and surgeries. Unfortunately, the doctors couldnʹt assure them, that their health problems could be permanently resolved. Brigita could not accept this compromise, so she searched for all possible solutions until she found the right one and so gave the whole family motivation. Since then, the family has resolved psoriasis, depression, hernias, haemorrhoids, persistent dissatisfaction, frequent ear infections, angina, nervousness, fatigue and more. The pair have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to fight any disease. Even their children and their grandmother got rid of psoriasis and various other issues. Intensive education and gaining experience in the real world has often also required moving across the world to different countries, enabling the family to acquire the latest methods and technology to achieve any, even seemingly impossible, results throughout the years.



All of Krznarsʹ knowledge and skills were acquired through training from top Chinese masters in the fields of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Energy Medicine and Life Counselling. In this way, they have acquired a wealth of knowledge to help a person. Their daughter - Ana, who has been acquiring new knowledge and skills in China, London and Zagreb since the age of 15, and in her youth the experience of her parents, adds life-strength, efficiency and freshness to our programmes.

Throughout the year, the entire team complements their knowledge by visiting training abroad (China, Australia, USA, New Zealand,…), and attends educations and workshops organized several times a year by like-minded colleagues in Croatia. In its 25 years of operation, the Life Center team has assisted more than 1,000 people in various walks of life, especially in health and relationships. In these last years, however, more and more in the field of stress management, creativity and business efficiency.


LIFE STORIES of immediate family members

Brigita Krznar

Brigita Krznar

Prof. Kinesiology, Life Consultant, Energy Specialist, Spine Therapy Specialist, BAZI Consultant


My youth was marked by severe psoriasis throughout my body (Psoriasis Vulgaris ), with which I struggled from the age of 13 to 30. At first, my psoriasis appeared milder, so I could manage it with herbs and natural creams, but that didnʹt solve my issues. The doctors told me that psoriasis was incurable. That I could not accept, but I was even more firmly decided, that I will find a way to cure it. I didnʹt know how to enjoy my family either. I always wanted to be somewhere else. At the same time, the job at the time, did not bring me any joy.

When I discovered the right path to healing, I realized that my inner energy was to blame for all my problems. At first, I found it hard to accept, but I still gave it a chance, as it felt right. With my daily treatment of energy treatments, my problems automatically improved. All I knew was that I had to be patient. Changing my energy made my body balanced, eliminating all physical and emotional problems. I started to really enjoy myself with my family, and I became more and more comfortable with on my job. Very soon I realized that the spread of this knowledge and positive energy is my lifeʹs mission.

Jože Krznar

Jože Krznar

Clinic Boss, Procurator


Prof. Kinesiology, Life Consultant, Energy Specialist, Spine Therapy Specialist



040 162 998

At 35, my life crashed. Due to severe back problems, I was no longer allowed to practice sports, which until then was my only passion. At the same time, my relationship, career, and life in general just couldnʹt keep my spirit high. I was in severe depression. In addition to severe back pain, I was also accompanied by frequent angina, indigestion, hip pain, shoulder pain, insomnia and nightmares. I was looking for a solution within contemporary medicine, but unfortunately to no avail. Despite spinal surgery, the pain did not ease. I was desperate. I took antidepressants which did not help me enough. I resorted to medications even more.

The other day I was talking to my medical students about their problems and they told me something that truly awakened me. “Medicines are only a temporary solution. Youʹll destroy your liver and kidney! I prefer a natural method. ”I still had the will to start my search, but I did not find the right solution. When I saw my first health results with my wife, I became more and more interested in how she came to these results, and thus began attending energy treatments myself. I resolved all physical and emotional distress and at the same time realized that this was my new path, my lifeʹs mission.


Ana Krznar



Energy Instructor, Energy Expert



040 230 227

My parents put me on the path of energy life at the age of 4. I must admit, that for a long time I did not realize why I was on this path. All I knew was that I saw a lot of results around me, or rather "miracles" and accepted that accepting extra positive energy can only do good to a person. My character is very active in nature, full of ideas and actions. However, through growing up, I still felt a lot of frustration when there wasnʹt much going on or when I didnʹt have enough friends with me. Only now do I understand and realize that I was depressed at the time. Due to my momʹs genes, I got psoriasis all over my body, which at age 11 became very active. I had bloody scars and that had a very bad effect on my teenage self. I often had severe ear infections which went so far as bleeding. I was also borderline anorexic. I have eliminated all these problems with my daily visits to energy treatments with my parents in in New Zealand. At the same time, I was assured that any health problem was solvable, as I had seen thousands of cases throughout my life, which in a strong energy field, had their bodies cleansed of all a variety of problems.

After having healed, many opportunities appeared, and at the age of 19 I started working at the Energy Clinic in London and started my own creative company there. In addition to a successful company, I also secretly wanted a superb relationship. I was aware that everything I wanted could only be achieved with a stable positive energy, therefore, a dream partner came into my life seamlessly. Eventually I started to take all these results for granted, but later I came to the realization, which really fulfils me. I let go of my, then current personal ambitions, and joined a team in Zagreb that was working to revitalize the life energy of any individual.

I was aware that only in this way could I truly discover my true potential and new horizons. Because of all these insights, my passion and goal is to benefit as many young people as possible through energy programmes, as this is the only way to find and express their unique potential. This is the best way to be creative, successful, healthy and happy at the same time.

I am very grateful to my parents for being so patient with me all this time and not giving up on the way.