The professional program is aimed at people who come to solve health problems, with a specific request or challenge. We recommend it to anyone who is ready to change their habits and who have probably tried many methods, but without the right result. It is aimed at those who focus primarily on the physical, tangible result.



Lifestyle, emotional behaviour and genetics are the main reasons why our state of health is not stable. The impaired energy state of a person causes the crashing of oneʹs internal organs. Energy imbalance in the body is caused by prolonged, repetitive negative behaviour such as anger, fear, worry, panic, overthinking, etc. These emotions cause toxic chemistry in the body, which over time manifests as physical pain (in the spine, knees, hips), stinging in the chest, skin conditions, chronic illnesses or very serious illnesses.



The program offers the knowledge and power to turn negative emotions into positive ones. Only positive attitude and inner peace are the basis for obtaining and maintaining health. It allows detection of the toxic root of the disease and provides its removal. The positive consequences of the program will be reflected in greater strength and motivation to achieve a healthy and successful life.



The program is a combination of treatments E.Vitalization, E.Spine and E.Well.



Diabetes and high blood pressure

The problem

A 77-year-old farm lady struggled with high blood pressure, had high cholesterol, diabetes and thick blood. She took four types of medication. She has been taking high blood pressure and cholesterol pills for a decade and five years for blood sugar and blood thinners. Things got as far, as her toe starting to turn black. Doctors warned her that a leg amputation could take place, as was the case with both of her brothers. The biggest problem however, was excruciating back pain, whisc was the reason that she came to us.

The programme

The lady came in for three months and had about four treatments every day. She had the E.Spine treatment twice a week and both E.Vitalization and E.Well daily. As for the other treatments, she just sat in and meditated through either group E.Vitalization or E.Well sessions.


The results

Within 14 days, through sheer willpower, she decided to discontinue all her medicines. She regularly controlled her blood sugar levels, which dropped significantly and remained just above the normal range. She also got her blood pressure under control, which dropped to normal. Within a month, toe began to return to a healthy pigment. After three months, her toe was perfectly healthy. When she went for a doctorʹs check-up, her health was normal. The severe lower back pain, that was resolved within 10 days was gone for good too.


Severe migraines

The problem

The 47-year-old professor suffered severe migraines for the last 13 years, at least once monthly. Characteristic nausea and vomiting also followed. The migraines usually lasted for three days and were so severe that they rendered her unable to work.

The programme

Considering her longstanding problems, we have recommended daily treatments for the lady. Due to her lack of time, the lady decided otherwise, and for one year she came to our programs intermittently. The following year, however, she decided to follow our advice and started to part-take in E.Vitalization daily and had the E.Spine therapy twice weekly, with the occasional E. Well session. All in all, she used our services for two and a half years.


The results

In the first year, the lady only had enjoyed minor improvements. During this time, the frequency of her migraines decreased, but at the same time she became weaker. The next year, when she decided to come in daily, her migraines stopped within two to three months. After six months, another migraine appeared, but in a milder form. Later, she experienced migraines no more.

In addition to frustrating migraines, she also abandoned the long-standing grudge against her mother-in-law and co-worker.